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Albert McMahon Elementary
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We cannot run our programs without volunteers. The home reading and hot lunch programs are at desperate risk of shutting down without help and we would no longer be able to offer these programs and more to students and their families. 

The Albert McMahon Elementary PAC and their fundraising efforts support each classroom financially every year. This year we gave $205 to each of the 21 classrooms for teachers to purchase supplies for their students. We also gave each of the 19 divisions $350 to put toward field trips. We bought the clipboards/planners for all the students and support many more student activities through the year including the book fair, sports day and the track and field meet. We need to continue the emphasis on the fundraising that we do to be able to support and fund these programs and activities. 
Volunteers to run these fundraisers are paramount. We currently have an amazingly dedicated team of volunteers, but the majority of these volunteers will be moving on next year as their children are graduating. NOW is the time to learn the methods of our current team if we would like to continue these efforts. While we have their experience, knowledge and support, we need people to learn and take over the positions. 
We have all kinds of positions available that suit all lifestyles. They can be flexible and tailored to whatever you have to donate; whether that be just for one event, once a month, once a week, or more. The more volunteers we have, the less pressure is on everyone and so the less stress there is in general. Please consider working with the current PAC to ensure the longevity and continuation of all our student programs.  
Without your support, we will lose all these opportunities for our kids. For more information please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the executive team in person or at Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 

Alicia Goodkey- Current AME PAC Chair 

To pay for hot lunches, popcorn cards, movie nights or fundraisers, please visit

PAC also keeps an updated Facebook page! To view their Facebook page for the most current information, click on this link: AlbertMcMahon PAC




Every parent & caregiver at school is automatically a part of the P.A.C. and has a right to vote & attend any/or all meetings. We hope that you choose to use this opportunity to be a part of the school experience.

The Albert McMahon P.A.C. is made up of a group of enthusiastic individuals who fundraise and help organize events and some programs at our school i.e. hot lunch, school store, home reading, popcorn days, district track meet.

The P.A.C. Executives are:

Chair: Alicia Goodkey
Vice Chair: Sharon Duff 
Secretary:  Baljit Dosanjh
Treasurer: Cheryl Blondin