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Albert McMahon Elementary
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Albert McMahon students and staff are becoming more familiar with the W.I.T.S. Program. This program is designed to help our children deal with the conflict they may face. Please check out the website so that you can get a better understanding of the program as there is also a family link available for viewing.



Home Reading Club

Albert McMahon has run a home reading program since 1992. Each year the program is a huge success and helps foster a love of books and reading in children. Students take home slips to check off, with parent signatures, to indicate the number of days of reading (15 minutes/day for grades K-3, 20 minutes/day for grades 4-6). Prizes are given to students for every 25 days they have read. A special luncheon for full-time readers will occur in the Spring. The program is PAC funded and thank you to Kim Elliot who is coordinating the program.


Peer Counselling

This program benefits the entire school community. The Peer Counselling program involves training senior students in communication and leadership skills. The Peer Counsellors will act as friends, helpers and resource people to students in the school. In addition, students who help others benefit by developing a greater sense of responsibility, self-confidence and an understanding of others.​


School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program

Albert McMahon is proud to be a part of the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program. The BC School Fruit and Vegetable Program is a collaborative program from the provincial government's Healthy Families BC with funding from the BC Ministry of Health. It is administered through the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to "Working to bring BC's agriculture to our students". The Foundation is working with local growers and distributors to bring the fresh BC products to students.

Program objectives are:

- to increase the consumption of local fruits and vegetables

- to increase the awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables

- to increase the awareness of fruits and vegetables grown in BC

- to increase the awareness of the safe handling practices of fresh fruits and vegetables

Please click on the PDF to print off the consent letter should you NOT wish your child to participate in the program and/or has allergies and may not be able to participate in every offering.

 Reverse Consent Form - English

Reverse Consent Form - Punjabi

Hot Lunch Program

Now offering online ordering and payments for Hot Lunch Orders and other school fundraisers! Our new online program is up and running. You will be notified when any fundraisers are coming up and when our Hot Lunch program begins again.