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Joyful Literacy Project:

This is Janet Mort’s landmark book and the foundation of her intervention strategy. Based on recent international literacy research she describes how to organize classrooms using literacy centers and joyful activities to teach essential skills. Practicing classroom teachers provide hundreds of playful practice games and ideas that reinforce skills for struggling early learners. (Mort 2014)

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Janet and her team invented the “blitz” as a powerful strategy that has proven to close the skill gap between struggling readers and those who learn readily. Classroom teachers describe how they have implemented blitzes in their classrooms. Teachers describe thirty blitz games that have been very successful in closing these gaps. The book also identifies all the essential skills and provides instructions for assessing them. (Mort 2016)

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(above excerpts are from website:

Our kindergarden, grade 1 and learning support teachers and principal have been attending a year's worth of training in this program to help support the literacy needs of our students.  The goal is to have all our students reading at grade level by the end of the primary program as students learn and develop at different rates.  This year we are focussing on numeracy games as well as literacy games.